Signs of a Priestly Vocation

Signs of vocationIn St. Mark’s Gospel we read that Jesus “went up into the hills and called those he wanted and they followed him”. No explanation is given why Jesus chose some men and not others to be his apostles. It was certainly not because they were the most clever or important people of the time but they all had a generous heart and a willingness to work hard. So discerning our vocation isn’t about weighing up our merits and strengths. It is about hearing God’s call and being willing to respond.

Sometimes our vocation is obvious to everyone else but ourselves. Why not read through the following statements and take them to your prayer. It may be that you will begin to see something that was not obvious to you before:

  • A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is important to me.
  • Going to Mass and Adoration is a very important part of my faith life.
  • I have a burning desire to help people get closer to Christ and to know the Truth.
  • I have a desire to live a life of virtue and prayer.
  • I feel called to give more of myself to others.
  • People have told me I would make a good priest.
  • After hearing the readings at Mass I think about how I would preach.
  • I have a strong sense that what I have planned for the future is not what God has planned for me.
  • I see vocation events advertised but have always held back from going to them.
  • I’ve hidden vocation material under my bed or in my desk.
  • I take refuge in ‘online discernment’ looking at websites about vocations and priesthood.
  • The thought of becoming a priest keeps coming back over and over again.
  • I’m afraid to tell my friends and family that I’ve been thinking about the priesthood.

These are only a few ideas but consider this: the fact that you are reading this may itself be a sign that God has placed a call to priesthood in your heart.