Priesthood FAQ

1. What does a priest do?
2. What exactly is a “vocation?”
3. What are some of these “secondary” vocations that I might be called to follow?
4. How can I know what God is calling me to do?
5. Can I be happy in my life if I do not follow God’s plan for me?
6. Are most priests happy in their vocations—in their lives and in their work for Christ?
7. Do you lose your freedom as a priest?
8. But why can’t priests get married? That must be very difficult.
9. Will priests ever be allowed to get married?
10. Don’t you think more men would become priests if they could get married? Wouldn’t that solve the priest shortage?
11. Will I be lonely if I become a priest?
12. Why can’t women be priests?
13. Do priests get paid?
14. Can priests do anything they want for recreation and fun?
15. If I am attracted to the priesthood, does that mean that God is calling me to be a priest?
16. I’m not all that “holy.” Can I still be a priest if I’m not very holy?
17. Do you have to pray a lot as a priest?
18. Is it easy to become a priest?
19. Does it really need to take so long?
20. What are the qualities that the Church looks for in a candidate for the priesthood?
21. If I decide to go to the seminary to “give it a try,” am I committed for life?
22. Is the daily life of the priest interesting?
23. Do you get any time off as a priest?