Discerning the Priesthood

Could God be calling you to be a priest?

Discerning PriesthoodGod has made you for some definite purpose. He has committed some work to you you which he has not committed to anyone else. Even before you were born he knew your vocation, your mission in life. The truth is that if you are a faithful Catholic man he may indeed be calling you to become a Catholic priest.

Christ asks of some men the sacrifice of their lives in following him as his more intimate companions. From all eternity he has called them to the priesthood. It is a call inscribed in their nature and because of this the priesthood is the only way of life that will bring them ultimate fulfilment.

Sometimes we may be tempted to think that we are not good or ‘religious’ enough to be a priest but in the Gospels Jesus calls ordinary men to be his apostles. The only thing they have in common is their ability to work hard. Priesthood is, therefore, a possibility that you should take seriously.

The process of seeking to discover God’s will for our lives is called ‘discernment’. The first question for a young man discerning his vocation is an important one. If Jesus is calling me to priesthood or religious life, am I willing to say Yes?

Will you become a priest if Jesus is calling you?