Parish Resources

Parish Vocation Plan

Some parishes in the diocese support the work of the Vocations Office by developing a ‘parish vocation plan’. The plan can be tailored to the specific needs of each parish and has the following elements:

  1. Prayer
    • Ensure a prayer for vocations forms part of the General Intercessions at Sunday Mass.
    • Promote the Invisible Monastery
    • Seek the prayers of the sick and housebound
    • Use the Mass for Priestly Vocations in the Missal (p.1319)
    • Offer Holy Hours for Vocations
  2. Advertise & Invite
    • Ensure retreats and discernment opportunities are mentioned in the notices at Mass.
    • Encourage people to take the Vocations Newsletter
    • Personally invite young men to attend vocation events.
    • Invite the Vocations Director to celebrate Mass and preach about vocations.
  3. Adopt a Seminarian
    • Ensure your parish is taking part in the ‘Adopt a Seminarian’ scheme.
    • Invite the Seminarian to speak at Sunday Masses.

General Intercessions

Please download and print these general intercessions leaflets for parish use: